Keep an Eye on Changing Seasons

THANK YOU to the many volunteers who have contributed to Season Spotter!

We published the first Season Spotter paper in September 2016 in the scientific journal Remote Sensing. It is titled Season Spotter: Using Citizen Science to Validate and Scale Plant Phenology from Near-Surface Remote Sensing. You can read the whole paper or a plain-language summary.

Right now Season Spotter Questions and Season Spotter Image Marking are on hiatus while we figure out if we can make the questions we ask you more efficient. In the past year, Zooniverse has added functionality to their platform so that we can show multiple images at a time instead of just one or two. If you'd like to help us figure out the best way to ask questions, please head on over to Season Spotter Sandbox.

If you're itching to do some science, try out Jungle Rhythms, a project looking at the phenology of trees in an African rainforest.